A new blog on elliptic curve cryptography

For many years I had a webpage about elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) which supposedly was a source of “news” on the topic. But I was very bad at updating it. Recently, I decided a better idea would be to have a blog. Even better, a blog with more than one author.


The aim of this blog is to be the place to go to find news about elliptic curve cryptography. I imagine that the content will mainly be on the theoretical side of things, rather than about products and commercial matters. Indeed, commercial advertising will not appear on this blog.

The main usefulness of the blog, I hope, will be to summarise new theoretical and computational advances, and to give expert evaluations of new results.

I will manage the blog, but my hope is that, over time, many leading authorities in ECC will become contributors to it.

To become a contributor you should email me. To be a contributor you have to convince me that you are an authority in ECC . . .

– no advertising or commercial propaganda;
– all posts to be signed with the author’s real name (digital signature not required!);
– not too much self-promotion of research;
– try to stay on-topic to elliptic curves, rather than other aspects of cryptography;
– anything else which I think of later.

Steven Galbraith

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5 Responses to A new blog on elliptic curve cryptography

  1. luisjdominguezp says:

    Nice! Now we are gonna have a blog with filtered news on ECC. It would be nice to have information about good papers in obscure conferences, and unpublished papers (eprint only) which are actually good. Also, publication of treasures on rump sessions will be very welcomed.

    Good luck.

  2. Mara says:

    I want to study ECC and I don’t want to start by books on ECC, I want to read papers. What papers you advice me to start with?

    Thank you

  3. Avinash Wadhe says:

    Hello sir ,
    I am student of M-tech and doing project on key authentication in wireless mesh network ,for key generation i want to implement ECC but require new innovative idea in ECC so that i can generate scalable key .plz help me for same.

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