Eurocrypt 2012

The list of accepted papers for Eurocrypt is now public. 

You can find it at the below link:

I was on the committee and I am quite excited by a couple of the papers.   I have been looking forward to the time when I can bring them to your attention.  First there is the paper “Cover and Decomposition Index Calculus on Elliptic Curves made practical. Application to a previously unreachable curve over Fp^6” by Antoine Joux and Vanessa Vitse.  This paper is an improved version of the paper and it contains a much more impressive computational example.

But more significant from a theoretical point of view is the paper “Improving the Complexity of Index Calculus Algorithms in Elliptic Curves over Binary Fields” by Jean-Charles Faugère, Ludovic Perret, Christophe Petit, and Guénaël Renault.  Despite its modest title, this paper is nothing less than a strong step towards establishing that the ECDLP has subexponential complexity in characteristic 2! At the moment it seems that the result will not have any practical impact on the ECDLP for real-world examples, nor any impact on elliptic curves over prime fields.  But it does challenge the often quoted statement that “there is no subexponential algorithm for the ECDLP”.

I’ll give more details on this blog when the papers actually become public.

  — Steven Galbraith

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