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Pairing 2012

On May 16-18 the 5th International Conference on Pairing-Based Cryptography was held in Cologne, Germany. If anyone feels tempted to deem pairings dead, this conference is a good example to prove them wrong. In particular, pairing implementations have seen a … Continue reading

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Two new papers on the ECDLP in characteristic 2

At the recent Eurocrypt conference there was a paper on the possibility of index calculus in elliptic curves over arbitrary finite fields of characteristic two. The paper is: Improving the Complexity of Index Calculus Algorithms in Elliptic Curves over Binary … Continue reading

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What on earth is “index calculus”?

If you are not an expert on mathematical aspects of public key cryptography you might wonder: What on earth is this method called “index calculus”? In fact, when I started my doctorate, I heard people speaking about that from time … Continue reading

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