Pairing 2013

The 6th InternationalConference on Pairing-Based Cryptography (Pairing 2013) took place in Beijing from November 22 to 24. The event started with two tutorials on friday the 22nd targeting students starting in the area of elliptic-curve and pairing-based cryptography.  More senior attendees used the time for an excursion to the Great Wall.  

The main conference talks were held on saturday and sunday morning. As for ECC 2013 earlier this year, the major topic was the discrete-logarithm breakthroughs of this year. They were the subject of the invited talk “Computing discrete logarithms in finite fields of small characteristic” by Pierrick Gaudry and of two contributed talks (by Cécile Pierrot and by Gora Adj). A consequence of these breakthroughs is that most previously considered constructions of symmetric pairings are no longer considered secure. This fact was addressed by two papers (and corresponding talks, by Tadanori Teruya and Xusheng Zhang) that proposed new efficient constructions for symmetric pairings. Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez in his invited talk focused on another research direction of pairing-based cryptography, namely efficient pairing-based-protocol implementations. The central point of his talk was to bring the “protocol community” and the “fast-implementation community” together to see more papers describing implementations of full pairing-based protocols in the future. The third invited talk was given by Xu Maozhi and described the state of the art in speeding up scalar multiplication on elliptic curves using efficiently computable endomorphisms. The sunday afternoon after the technical part of the conference was dedicated to a visit to the National Museum of Beijing, although some participants decided to rather enjoy the sunny weather for a visit to the Forbidden City.

  — Peter Schwabe

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