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114-bit ECDLP solved on a curve with automorphisms over a prime field

There was a new ECDLP record that I missed last year. There was a press release on August 23, 2017. Now there is more information. The details are published in the paper Solving 114-bit ECDLP for a Barreto-Naehrig Curve by … Continue reading

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Isogeny crypto at PQCrypto 2018

The PQ Crypto conference took place in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida in April 2018. It was extremely well attended (around 350 participants). The three plenary lectures were: Jean-Pierre Tillich, Attacks in code based cryptography: a survey, new results and open … Continue reading

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Cryptographic tri-linear maps

Ming-Deh Huang has posted on arxiv the paper Trilinear maps for cryptography that proposes a cryptographic tri-linear map based on etale cohomology of abelian surfaces. Achieving multilinear maps is a major open problem, and already going from bilinear maps (pairings) … Continue reading

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